Thursday, January 19, 2012

Elizabeth / Double Unders

I was a little upset tonight... I normally would have done a lift, and a Metcon, but I planned a WOD for a couple of guys that wanted to "try Crossfit out". Well, they backed out at the very last second, but I got over it, and still had a good session.


21-15-9 of:

Squat Cleans 135#
Ring Dips 

I actually PR'd by a minute from the last time. I HAVE done better, but that was with power cleans, not squat cleans - gotta love doing benchmarks as RX'd!

Skill Work

I also did skill work tonight, but I did it a little different than normal. I wanted to work on Double Unders. Last night, whilst doing the Filthy 50, I really struggled with double unders at the very end due to exhaustion.

My goal tonight was to work on double unders throughout the various stages of a WOD - Resting heart rate - at the initial "spike" of the heart rate, Midway through a WOD, and at the end - during exhaustion.

The way I decided to do this was to do 250 double unders through the night pre AND post WOD. Before I even warmed up, I did 50, then quickly did 25 more. I then warmed up, and prior to Elizabeth, I did 25 more. After the WOD (about 5 minutes) I did 30. I then took my recovery drink, stretched, and relaxed for about 20 minutes. I then did 60, caught my breath, and did (or rather fought for) the last 60.

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