Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bear Complex AMRAP

I brought my bumper plates to the Globo Gym tonight. I got funny looks, but the "meat-heads" were silenced after I started my WOD.

12 Minute AMRAP of:

3 Bear Complexes 135#
6 Box Jump 24"
9 Crossfit Pushups
* for every break in an exercise, there is a 3 burpee penalty - to be done immediately after the AMRAP ends.

This was especially tough because normally when doing a WOD, a person can get a sense of when failure will occur. The athlete can quickly regroup before they hit that point. With the penalty, it was especially difficult to gauge the point of failure. I made it to the third round, and broke up the box jumps (of all exercises). I had 5 penalties total.

Skill Work

Power Snatch and the Lock Out

Here, I wanted to focus on the power snatch, but especially the lock-out at the end. I would snatch a moderate load, lock out on the top - then hold the load as long as possible. I held the weight for a total of approximately 2 minutes over several snatches.

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