Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back Squat / Power Snatch

Tonight I combined two lifts, and a quick WOD.

5-5-3-3-1-1-1 of:

Back Squat
Power Snatch

*Alternate lifts every set.

Then, after a 20 minutes of rest:  

8 minutes (2 minutes on, 1 off) of:
5 power snatch 50% 1rm
5 back squat 50% 1rm

After about a 3 month dry-spell, I finally got a new PR on a 1rm! I finally broke 350# on my back squat.

I've actually done WODs somewhat similar to tonight. I've done Powerlift / Oly Lifts together. I've also had lift days where I incorporate the lift into a WOD after I find my max. But I've never done two lifts in one session, and then only using those only two movements in the WOD after.

I actually like this. I know many gyms will drop weights off the bars, and have the athlete do as many as possible - to assist in neuro-memory... something. Doing this gave me the same feeling, but also gave me the oh-so coveted "Crossfit High".

I really liked this combination, and will more than likely use it again in the future.

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