Saturday, January 28, 2012

Breaking in Some New Shoes

I got a pair of New Balance Minimus shoes today, so I decided that I needed to break them in tonight.


Max effort Double Unders
800m run

This was a good test (and I'm glad I did it). I normally work out in Vibram Bikilas, and I really like them. I wanted to see how the Minimus' would fare v. my Bikilas. Based on the warm-up, the Minimus fared much better with double unders, and did fine on the run, but the Bikilas felt better - less restricting. I'd say it was a wash.


2o minute AMRAP of:

18 Box Jump 24"
15 Toes to bar
12 Pullups

I got this off the Mainsite from December. This was a brutal WOD on the hands - I ripped both palms. Also, I didn't feel quite ready when I began the WOD. I had a slow start - which was probably due to the different warm-up. The shoes held up pretty good on the box jumps. I'd say that they were leaps and bounds above any "normal" training shoe, but I'd still have to give the slight advantage to the Bikilas. They are easier to 'grip" the box with the 5-fingers.

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