Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sandbag Bear Complex / Jerry Cans / Situps / Stone

Now that "Benchmark" week is over, I decided to break out my "Strongman" gear again. I wanted a WOD that took familiar movements, but used unfamiliar equipment, and vice versa.

Buy in:

Two attempts on max rep double unders.

3 rounds of:

5 sandbag bear complexes (100#)
10 Overhead jerry can lunges
15 jerry can swings
20 Situps
2 Atlas Stone to Shoulder

**The bear complexes are the same movement as with a barbell, however after every rep, the bag must be dropped to the ground, and the hands must come completely off the bag. The jerry can is only 7/8 full of water (Makes the water slosh around). The situps are elbows to touch the ground above the ear, and then palms of the hands in front of the feet. The atlas stone is one lift to the cradle position, then to each shoulder.

About 2 minutes into this video, you can see a girl doing a sandbag bear complex.

About 30 seconds in, you can see a jerry can swing (full ROM would have it overhead, not eye level)

All you need..

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