Monday, February 20, 2012


I took a full rest day on Sunday (a rarity, I know). I was geared up, and ready to do a killer WOD after - to get me prepped for the Open this weekend. I chose "Nasty Girls", and was ready to go. With my first warm up muscle-up, I felt that oh, so familiar tinge in my shoulder. It's not worth getting injured to the point of not being able to compete, so I had to change it up


8 Rounds of:

5 front squats 185#
26 ring pushups

For time.

I though that I was sucking it up on this WOD. I was pacing myself, and paying special attention to my shoulder and elbow. I was able to do all the front squats unbroken, and didn't hurt myself any further (that's good, right?) And when I compared my times on the online forums, I really didn't do too terribly!

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