Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clean & Jerks / Double Unders

I wanted to do a lift with a quick burner. I wanted to do Clean and Jerks for the lift, so I loosely based the WOD after the 2011 Crossfit Open. I changed it into a ladder, added weight, and cut it to only 5 minutes.

Double Unders

2 attempts for max reps 


Clean and Jerks


5 minute AMRAP of:

1,2,3... C&J (50% 1rm)
10,20,30... Double unders.

 I finished with a Mobility WOD on shoulders and range of motion in the elbows and shoulders as well.

I'm still not seeing much improvement with my overhead weights. I am getting more proficient with double unders, which was my Achilles heel even six months ago.

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