Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Hot Day For a WOD

It was hot today. Way hot. In fact, when I started working out at 9:00pm, it was still over 90 degrees. When I finished, I left beautiful sweat angels. (What's a sweat angel, you ask?! See below)

I took this WOD from Crossfit Terminal Velocity.

3 Rounds of:

400m run
20 KB swings 45#
400m run
20 pull ups
400m run
20 burpees

For time

This was a good one, and I did the entire WOD unbroken. I actually measured it out, however, and the run was 430m, not 400. I know, this is menial, but after 9 rounds, it's 270m (or .17 mile  which - if I were running 7 min miles - added 1 min and 11 sec.) I haven't thought much of this, though..

This is a sweat angel.

I bet the Black Knight was a CrossFitter

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