Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Front Squats - The Wrist Killer

I love Front Squats - I really do, and I love them even more since I discovered that taping your wrists is not the sissy way out. That being said, I still bought black tape - just to alleviate any outliers that may otherwise think I'm a wuss.

That being said, It was a plethora of Front Squats today!

5-5-3-3-1-1-1-1 Front Squat


Max Rep Front Squat at 70% of your 1rm


AMRAP - 3 rds of:

2 min Bear Complex 95#   *
1 min rest
2 min Lift Progression 95#   **
1 min rest
1 min Bear Complex
1 min Lift Progression

You start in the complex / progression where you left of the prior round

* Bear Complex = Power Clean to Front Squat to Push Press (or Thruster) to back squat to push press with out setting the weight down (see vid)

** Lift Progression = 5 dead lifts to 5 hang cleans to 5 Strict Press to 5 Over Head Squats with out setting the weight down. (I wish I had a video, but I took a couple ideas and came up with it myself).

Oh yeah
I whipped myself in the face doing DUs tonight! Really! how does that even happen?!

And - apparently, being 30 is too old to be in the military unless you write a letter to explain that you'll be able to keep up with the younger crowd. I was thinking my letter would go something like this:  

"To Whom This May Concern:

In regards to your inquiry regarding my age - a detailed explanation  of my daily workout routine: 5-6 times a week - at either 5:45am, or 9:30pm - and sometimes both in the same day, I perform a warm up comparable to 90% of the applicants to the USMC's actual work out. After this warm up, I commence a workout where I'll run, jump, push, pull, lift, throw, squat, grip, swing, row, and lunge - for a set amount of time or sets - often performing several of these movements in concert with a goal of minimal time, maximum weight, or as many sets in a given amount of time.

While my my actual workout rarely takes less than twenty minutes, the amount of power excreted exceeds that what an average person performs in several hours of the gym. I often have sore muscles, tender hands, and bruised legs the next morning after an especially tough workout [See Attached], however, these issues are seemingly menial, and have yet to keep me from working out the next day.

While I understand your concern of my age, the bigger question you may wish to ask is: 'how is this old man vastly outperforming so many of the rest of the candidates?' 

Sir, I am confident that I will be able to not only withstand, but thrive within the rigors of your programing. I am a CrossFitter.

Jeremy K. Anderson



I dunno - maybe a little over the top?

 Oh! and here's the bear complex video (I didn't forget)

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