Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gotta Love Main Site!

There are some days that I don't want to do a Hero WOD, don't want to do one of the Ladies (the Benchmark WODS are lady names - for the newbs), don't want to lift, and don't have the energy to make up a WOD. Instead of doing nothing - which may or may not be the better alternative - our saving grace is the Crossfit Main Site! This magical place allows people who don't give a rip, find a killer WOD. This is what happened today!

21 Dead Lift 225#
50 Squats
21 Push Press 135#
15 Dead Lifts
50 Squats
15 Push Press
9 Dead Lifts
50 Squats
9 Push Press

I don't exactly know how, but I somehow miscalculated my weights on Dead Lifts, and only did 205#. (Yes, I know, 2 45s on each side.. bla bla...) I was not happy. At least I didn't drop anything on my head! Second day accident free!

I'm still sore from Saturday, especially my abs!

Oh, and this is why people should ever use machines to work out... and they say weights are dangerous..

And another reason..

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