Thursday, June 16, 2011


This was the Main Site WOD. I actually was planning on doing another WOD; however when I saw this one, I had to do it!


5 Round of:

400m Run
15 O.H. Squats 95#

For time.

I actually did this one completely unbroken! I'm guessing this is part in partial the reason i cut my time on this WOD in more than half from three months ago.

The other reason is a bit more... "wordy"?

CrossFit is a program for all ages, people skill level... bla bla bla... While I believe this, a magical thing happens when several CrossFitters of similar skill go head to head. It normally ends up with everybody on their back - due to the competition. Tonight, a good friend / fellow CrossFitter did the WOD with me. While she was notoriously weak with her OH Squats, she seemingly got over her proverbial OH Squat phobia, and killed it. Naturally, I couldn't get beat by a GIRL, so I kept on keeping on - and beat her my a measly 2 seconds.

Now, contrary to my "schpeal" above, I actually shy away from the routine head-to-head competition. I find that I'm way too competitive, I tend to let my form go in order to gain several seconds, I boast when I beat others, and demean those who beat me.

Rather, I choose to compete against myself. I find that I'm my best friend, and my worst enemy while in the middle of a crapfest - aka a WOD. I'm the only person that I can truly gauge myself against. It's a battle - me against me. Will I fold, or prevail?

Think about it, I may be pretty darn awesome at power lifting, but may suck at double-unders. Because of this, I'm probably going to get killed doing Annie head to head against a jump rope extraordinaire, but would be able to smoke them on Linda (Three Bars of Death). Who is the better CrossFitter? What do I gain by gauging myself against that person? Truly, I'm the only person to truly gauge growth. "Better than yesterday"...

All that being said, it's still kinda fun going head-to-head..

I can't believe I actually found a decent edited version!

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  1. And this would have to be my favorite post so far!...naturally. ;) I OFFICIALLY like your blog.