Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh, The Unplanned "Rest Day"

I WAS planning on doing a work out, but due to many consecutive late nights and (relatively) early mornings, my bod decided to make me take a three-hour nap.... So, I guess it was a good time for a rest day!

I WAS going to do the following:

3 Rounds of:

800 m run
30 2 pood Sumo Dead Lift High Pull (W/ a KB)
30 Knees to Elbows

I'll save this little gem for later.

Napping at our house is "at your own risk"

In other news:

My wifie is now kipping on our thick pull-up bar! (A little background - I chose to get an extra thick pull-up bar when putting together our home gym. It's tougher, but translates into crazy results on a "regular" bar.) She also did Fran at the Rx'd weight, and PR'd her Front Squat by 25#! Monsta!


I've recently noticed that Crossfitters are generally obsessive with their health - specifically their diet, yet  when it comes to alcohol, they are all about having a good time! Yes, we "know" that grass-fed cows from Whole Foods is the only acceptable type of steak,  and grains in any way, shape, or form are evil... Here's a thought: What exactly do you think ferments to make pretty much any type of alcohol? Barley, rice, potatoes, etc.. Translation: Carbs Carbs, and ... oh yes, Carbs!

So, when I crack open a sugar free AMP, or a Coke Zero, I can rest a little easier knowing that the "elites" also have their own vices... at least that's what I'll be telling myself the next time somebody inevitably busts my chops.

Wonder if HE'S a CrossFitter? Thank's! 

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