Thursday, June 9, 2011

CrossFit TOTAL - The Trifecta

AWESOME NEWS! I didn't drop any weights on my head tonight!

If you don't know what CrossFit TOTAL (CFT) is, you are missing out! It's basically a test of the three essential power lifts used in Crossfit.

There is no time element (except that the entire CFT in one sitting. After you are warmed up, you have three attempts to get your 1 rep max in:

Dead Lift
Strict Press
Back Squat

This will give you an idea where you sit with fellow Crossfitters around the whole wide world.

You can get an idea where you fare HERE.

CFT was a little strange to me... I missed my PR on two of the three lifts by 10# each. I don't know if I'm fatigued, or (I'm assuming) if it's more difficult to PR while in the midst of CFT... Hmmmm...

I DO know, however, that if I want to move into the next "category" of athlete, I'll need to either add about 75# on my lifts, or lose about 15# on my person (pardon the legalese).

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