Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Linda (aka "The 3 Bars of Death")

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Linda - perhaps the summit of all named WODS "as Rx'd". I've done this WOD several times, yet it is always a) a tough S.O.B. and b)was impossible to do as Rx'd - until tonight! I tend to shy away from my personal WOD stats, but for Linda, It's basically contingent on my weight, so IF you do this one, and dare to do it as Rx'd, for the love, use your own bodyweight!

10, 9, 8... --> 1 of:

1 1/2 B.W. Dead Lift (295#)
1 B.W. Bench Press (190#)
3/4 B.W. Clean (155#)
For Time.

I was all by myself tonight, so I was deprived of the confidence of a spotter. It makes the bench a little more nerve wracking.

In other News:
I had a tube of superglue blow up all over my thumb today. The worst thing about having super glue explode is the clean up! I mean, really! How do you even begin to clean up super glue?!

(I was going to put a hilarious video, but I couldn't find one without a massive amount of expletives)

Oh yes, and a friend sent pictures of her hands after doing a bunch of pull-ups on an el cheapo bar. Lesson here? I think so. Heal quickly, Jen!

We've had over 200 visitors! Wow!

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