Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pullups / Double Unders / Mainsite(modified)

I was fully planning on doing a Mainsite WOD tonight which involved ring extensions, sots presses, and rolls... But during the warmup, i tweaked my shoulder - forcing me to modify. It was actually a full night:

Max Unbroken:

Double Unders

(only 2 attempts given)

I crushed my previous pullup record by over 20 reps. I came within 20 of my Double Under record, but couldn't get it - at least tonight.


5 Rounds of:

5 "Corn Cob" Pullups
5 Forward/Backward Rolls
10 Sots Press 45#

I know, I broke the cardinal rule, and used an exercise from P90X... I couldn't, however, think of another movement similar to ring extensions. Please forgive me. For the Rolls, it was one forward, stand all the way up, one backward, stand all the way up.

After the max rep effort, this WOD was one I just grinded through. I would really like to do it as RX'd one day.

This is the WOD, RX'd

The Corn Cob Pullup (ala P90X)....

Speal Doin' it right! (long video, but so very worth it!)

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