Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Transition and Grip Work

Tonight, I wanted to do a WOD that would force me to quickly transition between exercises. I did this one about six months ago, but at ten lbs lighter, and only had a 1 burpee penalty, not 5.

5 rds of:

5 deadlifts 105#
5 hang cleans 105#
5 press 105#
5 overhead squat 105#

For time

* 5 burpee penalty every time you drop the bar in between lifts (to be done at the end of each round)

I made it through each round with out dropping, so I had no burpees, thank heavens. This is a pretty quick WOD. It does, however, smoke your arms. I was pretty happy this time around. Even though I had ten extra pounds on the bar, I still beat my old time by almost 20 seconds. I'm hanging on to this bad boy!

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