Friday, November 18, 2011

Well Deserved Rest Day

I can hardly move after the Burpee Challenge, so I took a rest day today. I wanted to (however) post two videos. The first is me doing a CFO challenge over a year ago. I was 30+lbs heavier, and my Fran time was 4 minutes slower. I gotta be honest, I'm embarrassed how I looked like back then; however, I don't run from it - I learn from it.

The next clip is of the challenge yesterday. It was cold, and dark, so the video quality isn't the best, but I'm still kinda proud of it!

It sucked! Now, there are four little things to look for: 1) I mumble something right before I start, and I didn't even realize I said it. 2) My Shoes and shirt start reflecting a couple minutes into the video. 3) While Ali is trying to get her time, she basically steps over my sprawled out body. 4) Both of those two were done for AT LEAST a half hour, yet it was me that was doing the math to figure out their times! Ha ha!!

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