Thursday, November 10, 2011

Epic Crossfit Day - Jerry Cans Included

Today was one of those days where it was just a good Crossfit day! I'm warning you now, I did many new things, so there will be MANY videos on this post!


Max Rex Butterfly Kip Pullups (2 rds)
5 Atlas Stone Ground to Shoulder
15 Sandbag Sit-ups
Slosh Tube Sit-ups
Practice Squat Snatch Form (w/ PVC)

12 Minute AMRAP Ladder of:

Jerry Can Row
Jerry Can Overhead Lunges
Jerry Can Overhead Swings
Jerry Can Farmer Walk (x6)

The ladder is 2-4-6...

(Don't mind the tool, or audio in the video - just use it to get an idea of the ROM)

(They only went to eye level in this WOD, I went overhead)

(When watching this, I decided I needed a tree to climb)

Cash Out:

I cashed out with the fat bar loaded with 95#. I then did 5 reps for quality of each standing lift.

This was: Dead lift, hang clean, press, jerk, back squat, overhead squat, power clean, squat clean, thruster, power snatch, and squat snatch.

Today was a REALLY fun WOD day. I really had a good time, and enjoyed working on new things! I'm excited for my new toys!

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