Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Burpee Mile

In "celebration" of my 30th birthday, my wife oh so kindly decided that we should do the burpee mile. After all, "a lot of people do it on their 30th birthday!" So me, a) never able to back down from a challenge, and b) being the "birthday boy" agreed to do it. We had a friend over, and he was going to join... Little did I know that I was the ONLY ONE of the three to do the full mile! The other two opted for the half-mile...

The WOD is simple enough (to explain).. It's 1 mile of standing broad jumps, with a burpee in between each jump... 3,2,1.. go!

I normally don't post my times, but I was happy with my time. I did it in 1:26.47. I had a goal of under 90 mins, so I'm happy.. Sore, blistered, achy, and flat-on-my-back worn out, but happy.

The other two? Well, the wifie had a goal of under an hour, and she did it at around 59 mins. Our friend didn't set a goal (that he said), and finished around 39 minutes.

We got parts of it on video, but it's choppy. Sorry about the quality.

Oh, and tomorrow will undoubtably be a rest day.

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