Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Commitment (Revised)

After talking to several people,I realized that while commiting to additional Hero WODs, is a "good" idea, I did start fundraising a tad late in the game, and that the donation levels I was asking for were astronomical, thus people didn't see a real incentive to donate. and based on their suggestions, here's my new commitment for Fight Gone Bad:

I will do FGB on Saturday with the rest of the CrossFit community. This is a gimme and I hope as many people as possible will donate to the cause. BUT I'm not going to stop there.

The person that pushes me over $100 gets to choose an additional Hero, or benchmark WOD for me to do after FGB is over. (This makes me the most nervous because I'm only $25.00 away from this goal!)

THEN the person (or people) that push me over any additional $500 benchmark will get to choose YET ANOTHER WOD for me to do per every $500.

If you are the one that makes a "benchmark" donation, just email me, post the WOD you want me to do on my Twitter, Facebook, Comments on this blog, or on Facebook.

*After FGB, I won't have access to rings, dumbbells, a rowing machine, a GHD machine, or a rope. Something to keep in mind when making you choice :) LIST OF WODS

I will post pics, videos, and and account of the "good times"

Please Please Donate!


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