Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Bit of a Chipper

I did a bit of a chipper tonight. I have a WOD that I wanted to do, but I really do thing that I messed up my coccyx (aka my tailbone) and that WOD included sit-ups. This was a pretty good one, though.

400m Run
21 Overhead Squats 95#
21 Pull-Ups

Sled Pull*
15 Double Unders
15 KB swings 1.5p

9 OH Squats
9 Pull-Ups

Sled Pull
9 Double Unders
9 KB Swings

15 OH Squats
15 Pull-Ups

Sled Pull
21 Double Unders
21 KB Swings

*The sled pull is with 100# inside the sled and with a 15' rope Your feet must not move when pulling the sled. [See example below]

1 comment:

  1. Coccyx...I can't say/read that word without hearing Uncle Rico tell Napoleon "She broke her coccyx." haha!!
    I bet this was a good one! I think I'll do it sometime.
    Also...83DU? I'm not sure I believe you.