Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Couple New Toys!

Today, I finally got around to making a couple new toys - a slosh tube, and a pull sled. I think they will fit quite nicely in the gym!

21-15-9 of:

100m Sandbag Run*
Sandbag Squats
100m Sandbag Run
Parallette Push Ups
Slosh Tube Squats**
Parallette Dips 25# box

For Time

*Sandbag = 100#
**Doesn't matter how you hold the sandbag, or the slosh tube during the WOD

This was a good little WOD. Two people swapped out the sandbag run for a 100m sled pull and 20# sandbag squats

How To make a slosh Tube:

Take a 3" - 4" diameter x 5' - 10' PVC pipe with two end caps
Cap one end - sealing it with PVC pipe glue - let dry
Fill the tube with water - 50-60% full.
Cap and seal the other end - let dry.
The size and length is completely up to you. The bigger, the heaver, but the harder to grip. Play around, and enjoy!

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