Friday, December 9, 2011

Punishing My Weaknesses

As I have progressed in my training, I'm seeing more and more improvement - pretty much every day. But I'm also starting to see a gap in my strengths and weaknesses. In Crossfit,the victory goes to the the prepared and weaknesses will be punished.

I agree, and realize I am weak in several exercises and lifts, specifically: pistols, snatches, handstand pushups, and to a smaller extent, box jumps and squat clean and presses.

These are the chinks in my armor, and to become strong in these areas, I'm going to do two things over the next month to six weeks. First, I will put together a chipper with each of these movements. I'm going to do this as rx'd - no matter how long it takes. Second, I will incorporate at least one of these movements, or some variation, into every WOD for 4-6 weeks. At the end of this, I'll do the chipper again, and see my progress.

I feel confident in this approach. I struggled with double unders and butterfly pullups. But through work, I became strong - not because the exercise in its own right got easier, but I became better at 'em.

I start tomorrow.

I wasn't able to do a WOD tonight.. Too much going on today, and not enough time. I'll try to make it up tomorrow with 2 WODs.

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