Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hero Wod Wednesday - Erin

I think I'll bring back "Hero WOD Wednesday"!


5 Rounds of:

15 Dumbbell Split Clean 40#
21 Pullups

For time

I (once again) did this at the local "globo gym" (I'm REALLY missing my gym, by the way). It was somewhat busy, and I had to wait to get any type of pull-up bar along with the proper dumbbells.

The dumbbell split clean is an awkward lift, and one I'm not used to, so I felt a bit shaky with the movement. Also, the "pullup rig" was too low to do butterfly pullups, and were perpendicular, so it was also a strange grip.

On the last round, I was plenty pissed, and quazi-trew the dumbbells when I finished the last rep. The local "meat-heads" all stopped, and stared. It was kinda like on a movie - when somebody says something, and everybody stops talking, and the phones stop ringing... After I got done (and had to use both hands to pick up each dumbbell), the head meat-head came up, and said "That looked pretty tough. We're doing 'super sets' tonight, so it's kinda the same thing, ya know?" I REALLY miss my gym.

All that being said - I got through the WOD, and did it in fairly good time!

Oh, and just noticed five blisters on the ole hands..

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