Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Friends at the Local "Globo Gym"

Ity's been a few days since I've had access to the internet, but I finally got to McDonalds, thus, have internet access (at least for a few minutes.)

I made friends with a couple people at a local "Globo Gym", which welcomed my "weird shoes", and my "Crossfit ways". In fact, The let me come to their gym for free for the past two nights - and my WODs did NOT dissappoint, oh no, they did not..


Squat Clean Ladder

Start at 95#. Every minute, on the minute, perform one squat clean, and add 20# (you must add your own weight). Go until you can't do a squat clean.


8 min AMRAP ladder of:

1 Muscle-Up
2 Squat Clean (50% of your earlier max)
3 Burpees

Add 1,2, and 3 reps per round. (For example, on round 3, do 3,6, and 9 reps.

This was a good two WODs together. The gym (however) has steel plates, and when I failed on the squat cleans, the entire building shook, everybody looked at me, and all I could say was "whoops..."


5 rounds of:

10 Overhead Squats #95#
20 Box Jumps 24#
30 Pushups

For time

This was also a really good WOD. I wanted to do a full-body lift, a lower body exercise, and an upper body exercise. I was surprised to find (however) that the pushups provided little (if any) relief on my quads from the other two exercises.

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