Monday, October 10, 2011

Sandbag Jonas

It was Jonas' birthday yesterday, so I wanted to do the WOD named after him, however it wasn't very long ago since I did this one. So, I decided to change it up a bit.

For Time:

21 KB Swings 1.5p
21 Sandbag Front Squats
21 Pull-Ups
21 Double Unders
21 Sit-Ups
21 Sandbag Back Squats
21 Sandbag Thrusters
21 Sandbag "Rack to Overhead"

* 20' Standing Sled pull with the sandbag in the sled must be done between every exercise
* Sandbag weighs approx 100#

This was a good WOD. I DID, however, smash my face a time or two with the sandbag. I actually really like doing strongman lifts in a WOD - the constant variables of strongman equipment throws an interesting "wowie" in every wod - ergo the higher likelihood of smashing your face with the 100# sandbag.

I did a buy in, and cash out today

Max rep butterfly kipping pull-ups. I'm pleasantly surprised with the amount of reps I'm finally able to string together.

Sitting (Hands-Only) Rope climb attempts

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