Sunday, October 30, 2011

DIY Fat Bar

I wanted a fat bar, but they are pricy! So, I took that as a challenge. The challenge? Converting a normal oly bar to a 1.5" "fat bar" for less than $10.00.

DIY "Fat Bar

What you need:
An oly bar (preferably one you don't want to use for normal bar work on a regular basis).
5' x 1.5" PVC pipe
A roll of athletic tape
A can of "stone" textured spray paint
A hack saw
A wrench (to take off a sleeve on the oly bar)

What to do:
Measure the entire grip area of the oly bar. Cut the PVC pipe to a shade shorter than the grip area.

Remove one sleeve from the oly bar.

Lightly spray the PVC pipe with the textured paint. This should be minimal - just enough to give the bar a little grip. When I say light, I mean very light.

Wrap the oly bar with the athletic tape in three places, the middle, and about 12" from each end. The thickness of the tape must be equal to the inside width of the PVC pipe. (minor adjustments may be needed).

When the paint dries, take the PVC pipe and slide it onto the grip area of the oly bar. Make any changes to the width of the tape needed.

Put the sleeve back on the oly bar, pick up the bar, and get to work!

I actually had everything lying around, so I pnly paid about $5 for the paint. The pipe is probably about $3, and you can find a cheap roll of tape for $2.

So far, the bar's held up great! If y'all have questions, let me know. I'll be more than happy to help.

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