Thursday, March 1, 2012

Heavy Back Squats / Double Unders

I'm still not thrilled about the second WOD for the Open being the Snatch Ladder. I really wanted some heavy power lift with a technical move. But first, I had to work on my Split Snatch

20 minutes of form and technique on the Split Snatch.


3 rounds of:

11 Back Squats 235#
35 Double Unders *

*For every time you broke up a set, there was a 1 burpee penalty.

My rope was stiff because it was so cold. It made double unders especially difficult - and 6 burpees to ensue (6 really isn't terrible)

I put the penalty in there so that I couldn't burn through it. I had to both focus on form, and completing the set unbroken

I'm feeling that WOD, and it might have been a mistake while I'm facing the Snatch Ladder, but I was ready for a WOD that's in my wheel house.

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