Saturday, September 22, 2012

Run / Bar Muscle-up / Stone / Sandbag Bear Complex

I wanted a good long AMRAP and a run. I put this bad boy together, and it did very nicely!

20 minute AMRAP
400m run
Bar muscle-up 1,2,3...
Atlas stone 155#ish. 1,2,3...  (over the shoulder)
Sandbag Bear complex 100#ish. 1,2,3... (Shoulder to shoulder, not front to back)

This WOD felt pretty good. It was enough to wear me out, but I'd either push for 25 minutes, or shorten up the run.

In this video, about 20 seconds in, you can see a few guys doing sandbag bear complexes, but they are going front-to-back. In this WOD, go shoulder to shoulder.

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